Billy Crudup In Talks To Join ‘Flash’ Feature

by Erik Amaya

Henry Allen will live again.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Billy Crudup is in talks to rejoin Warner Bros. Pictures’ upcoming Flash feature film. He previously played Henry Allen in 2017’s Justice League and was one three actors from that film’s cast to transfer over to The Flash — the others being star Ezra Miller and Kiersey Clemons. Miller, of course, has been attached to the film for a very long time while Clemons signed on to play Iris West when The Mandalorian‘s Rick Famuyiwa was expected to direct the film.
She stayed on and filmed scenes for Justice League, although her moments were cut when Joss Whedon took over the production from Zack Snyder. Some of her scenes are expected to surface when Snyder’s version of the film premieres on HBO Max next year.
As for Crudup’s version of Henry, the character was last seen behind bars serving a life sentence for killing his wife, Nora. Of course, fans of the comics and The Flash television show know Henry is innocent and Barry Allen’s (Miller) attempts to prevent her murder and free Henry lead to unintended consequences. And, it seems, the plot of the feature film will directly tie into Barry’s habit of messing with the past.
After losing a number of directors to creative differences, It‘s Andy Muschietti is slated to direct. The film seems poised to go into production for once with both Micheal Keaton and Ben Affleck set to reprise their role as Batman. Yes, both of them. At the same time, it is unclear if Clemons will return to play Iris.
The Flash is set for release on June 3rd, 2022.

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