Exclusive And Extended Preview: Dynamite’s ‘Sacred Six’ #3

by Olly MacNamee

Our second exclusive preview from Dynamite is this week’s Sacred Six #3 by writer Christopher Priest and artists Julius Ohta and Jae Lee. The all-female, all-vampire kick-ass crew spinning out of Vampirella and into their own series. Check out our extended preview for this one below:

Cover by Jae Lee

Written by Christopher Priest

Art by Julius Ohta and Jae Lee

“‘Numerology’ Three: Tensions come to a boil as search parties fail to locate two missing boys from the City of Sacred, leading the state police to conduct a house-to-house search of the impoverished town of Ashthorne which enrages both human and supernatural residents. The leader of the enigmatic vampire terrorists known as The Six forges a pact with Lilith while the township gathers to make an appeal to Vampirella to stave off a certain bloodbath if The Six succeed in radicalizing the peaceful vampires of Ashthorne.”

FC  |  32 pages  |  Action/Adventure  |  $3.99  |   Teen+

Sacred Six #3 is out Wednesday 7th October from Dynamite.

Cover by Lucio Parrillo
Cover by Elias Chatzoudis
Cover by Meghan Hetrick
Cover by Derrick Chew

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