‘The Rhythm Section’ Reviewed — A Grounded Anti-Action Film For The 2020s

by Tito W. James

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — a protagonist of an action movie has their loved one taken from them and then they seek a violent revenge. It is the calling card of a great action film if its is able to take this archetypal (often clichéd) theme and add a new twist.

The Rhythm Section is distinctive in how it strips away the power-fantasy element of the action genre. What makes Blake Livley’s character interesting is that she isn’t a badass; she’s a civilian. From her disheveled hair to the frantic nature of the violent encounters, Lively’s character is a uniquely unglamorous portrayal of a woman-turned-assassin. Jude Law counterbalances Lively’s vulnerability by playing the hardest of hard mentors.

If your looking for a heroine who can kick butt and look cool while doing it then I’d recommend films like The Villainess, Everly, Haywire, and Columbiana. But if you want the most grounded and believable portrayal of a revenge story then you can’t go wrong with The Rhythm Section.

The Rhythm Section is available on Epix and other streaming providers.

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