Comics Legend Trina Robbins Makes An Appeal For Lost Art

by Erik Amaya

Legendary comics creator Trina Robbins needs your help to find some of her lost art.

As the artist and writer explained on her Facebook page Sunday, she lent five pieces of original art from the 1970s to Sacramento State University for a planned show. But the COVID-19 lockdown and a personal tragedy on the part of the organizer meant the pieces were never exhibited. When Robbins recently inquired about the return of the artwork, she learned the pieces were shipped back to her in May via FedEx and received by someone signing for the shipment as “RTRINA.” It is unclear who intercepted the delivery — and clearly knew enough about Robbins to get hold of the artwork — but the clear theft is something she wants to resolve.

“I have very little art from the 70s left, because back in the day I was desperately poor and sold my pages for peanuts,” she explained. “My surviving work from those days is no longer for sale, but if I had been willing to sell those pages, they would have been worth about $5,000. I know this is a longshot, but please be on the lookout for any art by me that’s for sale!”

Unfortunately, she has yet to find photos of the missing pages, but the key thing to keep an eye out for is someone selling rare Trina Robbins art from the 1970s. She is asking for anyone who may have been contacted about buying such items to reach her via Facebook ASAP. We’ll also suggest anyone who happens to be approached now about rare Robbins art to contact her as well. It is clear the thief has some idea of the art’s worth and would, presumably, try to make bank on it.

We’ll also keep an eye on the story as it it develops.

Dear friends, I need your help! Back before the lockdown, I loaned 5 pieces of my original comic art from the 70s for a…

Posted by Trina Robbins on Sunday, October 25, 2020

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