Elmore Leonard-Style Crime Meets Super Hero Adventure In ‘The Catch’

by James Ferguson

Atomic Tiki Studios is back on Kickstarter for The Catch #3, the next chapter in the action-packed series providing a new take on the super hero genre. What happens when super villains jump bail anyway? It’s written by Steve Bryant, illustrated by Ismael Canales, colored by Mireia Girbau, and edited by Chris Murrin.

When super-villains like Galactoid, Dron the Conqueror, or Professor Kill are defeated, they’re sent to a government maximum security facility. But what about small-timers like Phileas Frost, The Grappler, or the random jump-suited agents of H.A.R.M.? What happens to the bank robbers, jewel thieves, and anonymous henchmen? They post bail. And sometimes, they skip town afterward. That’s where Lucy Chase comes in.

“The series is a blend of Elmore Leonard-style crime stuff and superhero adventure,” says series writer/co-creator Steve Bryant. “our lead, Lucy Chase, comes from a family of law enforcement professionals. Lucy’s the black sheep of the family, viewed by her mom as never living up to her potential, because she’s chasing these D-list costumed criminals around.”

If you’re new to The Catch, don’t worry. While the Kickstarter campaign is intended to fund the release of issue #3, you can pick up the first two chapters and get caught up fast. They’re available in both digital and physical editions, as well as some sweet variant covers, extra content, original artwork, and more.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through November 20th, 2020. At the time of this writing, it’s about two thirds of the way to its funding goal.

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