Mad Cave Studios Launches Mad Community Video Spotlight Series

by James Ferguson

2020 may be a horrible year for so many of us, but it’s proving to be a breakout time for publisher Mad Cave Studios. It has raised over $10,000 for thirty different comic shops around North America with the #RetailerReliefFund initiative. Then it ran a new Mad Cave Talent Search with a record number of entries from around the world, ushering in the next generation of creators. This was followed by the launch of Maverick, its young adult imprint. So what’s next?

Mad Cave Studios has launched Mad Community, a video spotlight series focusing on the people in the comics industry to talk about what has happened this year and what’s coming next. This is an expansion of the Mad Cave Showcase which featured interviews, live drawings, and giveaways. Fans are invited “Inside the Cave” to get sneak peeks of each of Mad Cave’s artists’ creative processes through informative step-by-step videos, plus chats with comic shop owners about how they’re faring in this tumultuous year.

“Mad Community is really just that; it’s about highlighting our mad community,” said Mad Cave CEO Mark London. “At Mad Cave Studios we made a promise to uplift the underrepresented. Whether it’s our local comic shops, avid readers, or undiscovered artists; we will continuously give our community a voice and support them when they need it.”

Check out the Mad Community at the Mad Cave Studios YouTube channel.

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