Reviewing Callosum Studios’ ‘The Goalie’ Pandemic Mask

by Brendan M. Allen

You may not know the name Callosum Studios, but you have damn sure seen Tom Savini and Jason Baker’s work. If you watch professional wrestling, these are the folks behind HHH’s skull/crown masks, Bray Wyatt’s ‘The Fiend’ mask, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan’s Bludgeon Brothers masks… You’ve seen their masks on Corey Taylor, Code Orange, Lady Gaga

Savini is also the mastermind behind practical effects on dozens of films, including Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and… ahem… Friday the 13th.

Back in May, I started seeing a few tweets about these amazing masks, based off Tom Savini’s sculpt of Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask for Friday the 13th III. What started with Jason Baker and Tom Savini hand making these things for a few celebs and interested parties through DMs has blossomed into a full fledged operation.

There are currently 10 variants of the goalie mask, four skull mask variants, and a couple different color schemes of zombie masks available at Callosum Studios’ online store.

I knew I needed one of these masks since I saw the first tweet, and I was finally able to get my hands on one.

First, let me say, these suckers are not cheap. Seventy bucks for the base model. A hundo if you want Tom Savini to autograph yours. That being said, they’re basically movie props, hand made by the dudes who actually make them for the films. And they’re also fully functional PPE masks. So… worth it.

I bought this mask knowing I am very picky about the fit of my other masks. I don’t wear anything with behind-the-ear straps unless it’s a paper mask for the hospital, doctor’s office, or pharmacy. These come with behind-the-head straps that connect with adjustable parachute clips. It took me a minute to find the right adjustments for my straps, but once you dial those in, it pops on and off in seconds. Pro tip: Connect the bottom strap first.

Once I had the fit right, I was a little concerned about how the cotton insert would fit against my face. It actually makes a reasonably form fitted ‘seal’ around the mouth and nose. The double layered cotton insert is also removable for easy cleaning. I do wish there were an opening between the two layers to allow the use of replaceable carbon filters. Would have been nice to have the option.

I busted this thing out a few weeks ago for the first time on Friday the 13th of November, because why the hell not? No brainer, right?

There is one big drawback to wearing this mask. If you were thinking being dressed like everyone’s favorite hockey mask killer in the middle of Costco would make people stay six feet the hell away, it does not. It attracts a LOT of attention, and people are dumb. 

This mask is one of the coolest things I own. Worth every penny, and will find itself a permanent spot on the wall of my pub once we get past this pandemic.


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