‘Godzilla’ Rises Again From IDW In 2021 In New Multi-Year Publishing Deal

by Olly MacNamee

IDW and Toho International, Inc. have announced a new multi-year publishing deal that will bring Godzilla and dozens of monsters from the Godzilla live action films to a wide selection of comic books and merch. The official statement reads:

“Beginning in spring 2021, Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and dozens of kaiju will stomp their way across IDW’s line of comic books, graphic novels, trade collections, art books, coloring books, journals, tabletop games, and puzzles. Furthering IDW’s company-wide mission to expand the most beloved story worlds across all mediums, the publishing program — available in print and digitally — will represent a comprehensive range of content, delivering city-stomping entertainment to young readers and adult audiences.”

This continues the long-standing relationship between the two companies that started almost a decade ago in 2011 with the publication of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, that came with  80 exclusive variant covers!

And, the first announced new comic book project will be a five-issue Godzilla miniseries by writer Erik Burnham, artist Dan Schoening, and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado. The comic book will be aimed at middle grade readers and hits stores with its first issue in April, 2021. Middle-graders is where it’s at these days, it would seem. So, tell your friends, so they can tell their kids, I suppose.

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