Super Sunday (Part 1): Another Batman Bonanza Of Previews

by Olly MacNamee

These certainly an awful lot of Batman related titles around these days isn’t there? And so for a second weekend we’re filling up your Sunday with previews for Red Hood: Outlaw #52, Batman Beyond #50 (final issue) and more. But first, a look at Detective Comics #1033, out Tuesday 22nd December from DC Comics:

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils Brad Walker
Inks Andrew Hennessy
Colored by Dave McCaig

“On the eve of some of the biggest changes ever in Gotham City, Batman finds himself at a crossroads with the people of the city he has sworn to protect. A landslide victory for anti-vigilante mayoral candidate Christopher Nakano is bringing with it new legislation to outlaw the Bat-Family’s very way of life-and with his rogues gallery still knocking on his door, Bruce will need to make some tough decisions about the future…”

Detective Comics (2016-) #1033Detective Comics (2016-) #1033Detective Comics (2016-) #1033Detective Comics (2016-) #1033Detective Comics (2016-) #1033

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