Super Sunday (Part 1) – A Whole Lot Of ‘DC Future State’ Previews Starting With ‘Future State: The Flash’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

We’re only a week or so away from the first batch of DC Future State titles dropping, and as a late Christmas present to us al, DC Comics dropped a fair few previews of their forthcoming slate. So, we’re regifting them to all our readers across this Sunday afternoon. Starting with a look at Future State: The Flash #1 and following that up with a new preview every half hour.

For those who did celebrate, we do hope you enjoyed Christmas Day and continue to enjoy the festive weekend wherever you find yourselves with these previews.

Cover by Brandon Peterson

Written by Brandon Vietti
Art by Dale Eaglesham
Colour art by Michael Atiyeh

“With no powers, no backup and no other choice, Barry Allen and the other former Flashes face the deadliest threat they’ve ever encountered-Wally West. Possessed by an evil force trapped for thousands of years inside the Speed Force, Barry turns to his greatest foes’ weapons to save the young man he loves like a son. In the end, how much will Barry sacrifice to save the former Kid Flash?”

Future State: The Flash #1 will be out Tuesday 5th January from DC Comics

Future State: The Flash (2021-2021) #1Future State: The Flash (2021-2021) #1vFuture State: The Flash (2021-2021) #1Future State: The Flash (2021-2021) #1

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