Pick Of The Week: What To Read From Last Week’s New Comics?

by Olly MacNamee

Here in the UK most if the country has been placed into another desperately needed lockdown by our government. But before we did, I got one last trip in to my comic book store – and the oldest in Britain – World’s Apart Birmingham, to pick up one last batch of books ahead of the shutdown the following day. So, what would I recommend for those still able to go out and buy their floppies in person? well, it’s just the two this week, bit both cracking comics in their own individual ways.

Jinny Hex Special #1 (DC Comics)

Written by Magdalena Vissagio

Art by Gleb Melnikov

A fun one-shot that blends Wild West tropes with sci-fi and horror to deliver a highly entertaining read from Strat to finish. Wonder Comics may become a thing of the past at DC Comics, but this special issue certainly sets up Jinny Hex for future solo adventures as well as remind readers of what they’ll be losing if this YA imprint goes the way of the dodo.

Jinny meets her paternal father, but things do not go smoothly. Not at all. Writer Magdalena Vissagio seems to be having so much fun on this book, and it’s infectious. Hell, even the opening page starts off with a joke, before taking a decidedly darker turn briefly. Which seems to be the narrative pattern for this book. A who lotta fun with a balanced dose of thrills, spills and alien chills! The jokes juts keep on coming, as does the action. It’s a very well balanced book.

Meanwhile artists Gleb Melnikov manages to capture the wide-eyed innocence of youth while also depicting darker characters and darker moments. All this and a captivating depiction of Mid-West America makes for a wonderful little “Wild” Western tale.

Jinny Hex Special #1 is out now from DC Comics/Wonder Comics. Check out my full review here.

X-Men #16

Written by Johnathan Hickman

Art by Phil Noto

A much more gentle issue that previous ones, as the X-Men and X-Women of Krakoa talk it through in an attempt to get the two newly-reunited islands of Krakoa and Arrako to come together. But, with both having been separated for so so long, it seems like an incompatible match and an impossible mission. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Marvel Girl make an important status-chnaging decision to Charles Xavier and Magneto that brings a little bit more democracy to this newborn nation state.

What I have alway enjoyed about Johnathan Hickman;s take on this new world order for Marvel’s mutant population is the omniscient sense of foreboding. Professor Xavier remains a cold, distant character who had remained masked in that intimidating Cerebro headgear of his that screams at readers to pay attention to. I always get the feeling that something is rotten in the state of Krakoa, we just haven’t been given the full story yet. But, I’m definitely enjoying the ride and have found an invigorated new love for the X-Men I haven’t fest since Grant Morrison steered the book almost two decades ago now.

X-Men #16 is out now form Marvel



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