Inkwell Awards Adds Mark Sinnott And Joe Prado As Special Ambassadors

by James Ferguson

The Inkwell Awards, a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to the public promotion, education, and recognition of the art of inking and ink artists in the US comic book industry has elected artists Mark Sinnott and Joe Prado as new Special Ambassadors.

Mark Sinnott is the son of Marvel Comics artist and inker Joe Sinnott and has served as his late father’s historian, librarian, and former liaison. An artist in his own right, the younger Sinnott’s work has been seen in several alternative press titles. He’s also filled in for his father by inking some panels on the Spider-Man Sunday syndicated comic strip. He’s been an Inkwell Awards Senior Contributor since 2008 and was awarded the Above & Beyond Award in 2018 for his work as a liaison.

Inkwell Awards founder and director Bob Almond said, “While Joe Sinnott had his fans of his prodigious output of ubiquitous work, few knew about Mark’s life and career. When Joe passed away in June of 2020, I spoke to Mark and he expressed interest in carrying on his father’s legacy by continuing his association with the Inkwells and their mission, something his dad sincerely and proudly supported.”

“The Inkwell Awards is a great organization, one that is dedicated to recognize the best inkers and to promote and educate regarding the art form of comic-book inking…I was fortunate enough to see my dad work first hand for so many years, embellishing countless pages of pencils over many different artists…” says Mark Sinnott. “The big thrill for me was to be able to ink my dad’s pencil work in some of the Inkwell Awards Inking Challenges. I know that Joe was very proud to see members of his family participate in this endeavor. He also looked forward to receiving the completed pages that arrived from various inkers. It was quite interesting for Joe to see the different interpretations of his pencil work. It was something that he truly enjoyed seeing in his later years.”

Joe Prado’s career began in the early 1990s as a comic book artist and illustrator in the Brazilian market where he produced hundreds of fantasy, horror, super hero, and science fiction illustrations and comics for a number of publishers, books, and magazine. He began producing comics for the US market in 2004. Since then he’s worked on Action Comics, Justice League, and several other major DC titles. In 2009 he began his current partnership with artist Ivan Reis and collaborations with writer Geoff Johns. Prado has also been Co-Owner / Talent Manager of Chiaroscuro Studios, representing dozens of comic book artists, since 2002. He’s received two Inkwell Awards including “Favorite Inker” in 2016 and “Props – Talent deserving of more attention” in 2018.

“First off, I can’t express how honored I feel being considered for something like this. And having the possibility to spread the consciousness about the inker’s role on comics is something priceless to me.” says Prado. I’ve always been a fan and a collector, besides being a professional, and that remains til this day…When my grandfather introduced me to [work by] Hal Foster, Alex Raymond and Milton Caniff, it changed how I perceived the medium and I was hooked for life. I decided that I was going to work in comics and would study the hell out of them.”

Bob Almond added, “The Brazilian contingent has been quite active in the USA since artists Mike Deodato, Jr. and his studio hit it big at Marvel and DC in the ’90s. So, having Joe proudly represent that pool of contemporary and popular inking talent is a fortunate coup for us. Joe also brings his contagious passion and enthusiasm to the team and anyone who listens to him; he is compelled to try to help us in every way.”

Mark Sinnott and Joe Prado join a storied list of previous Special Ambassadors including Adam Hughes, Mark Brooks, Sal Velluto, Cully Hamner, Eric Basuldua, Phil Jimenez, Jim Shooter, Brian Pulido, J. David Spurlock, Mike McKone, Clifford Meth, Aldrin Aw, aka “Buzz”, Dan Parsons, Rags Morales, Jim Starlin, Laura Martin, along with the late Joe Kubert, and Rich Buckler.

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