Rediscover Terror With ‘Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus’ Vol. 2 In August 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

The classic comic book tales set in the iconic—and terrifying—world of the Alien franchise are being collected in a brand-new hardcover collection starting in April with Aliens Omnibus Volume 1. And in August, fans of the iconic franchise can enjoy even more of these thrilling comic book stories with Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Volume 2.

‘A rogue scientist’s genetic experiments create a horrific new alien king! A ragtag unit of Colonial Marines battles a xenomorph infestation on a space station — and the survivors face a pack of bizarre hybrids! An investigator must solve a murder on a deep-space alien-research station! But what dread music will a deranged composer make with an alien’s screams? And can a synthetic xenomorph rebel against its sadistic creator? Plus: Flash back to an alien attack in the 1950s! And witness the fate of England as aliens overrun the Earth!’ 

This collection includes: Aliens: Rogue #1-4, Aliens: Colonial Marines #1-10, Aliens: Labyrinth #1-4, Aliens: Salvation, Aliens: Music of the Spears #1-4, and Aliens: Stronghold #1-4, plus material from Dark Horse Comics #3-5, #11-13, and #15-19, Previews (1993) #1-12, Previews (1994) #1, and Aliens Magazine (1992) #9-20. 

Featuring stories by Ian Edginton, Chris Warner, Kelley Puckett, Paul Guinan, Dan Jolley, Jim Woodring, Dave Gibbons, Chet Williamson, John Arcudi, Sarah Byam, John Byrne, Peter Milligan, and Michael Cooke, with art by Will Simpson, Paul Guinan, Tony Atkins, Allen Nunis, John Nadeau, Kilian Plunkett, Mike Mignola, Tim Hamilton, Doug Mahnke, David Roach, Mark A. Nelson, Paul Mendoza, John Byrne, Paul Johnson, Christian Gorny, and covers by Mahmud Asrar and Paul Mendoza, Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Volume 2 hits comic book store shelves in August 2021.

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