Review: ‘SWORD’ #2 Gets Gooey With The King In Black

by Tony Thornley

As the King In Black sweeps across the Marvel Universe, some teams of heroes find their ranks devastated and others find themselves desperate to save the world. However, SWORD #2 shows there may be a lot more to an alien invasion than just saving the world.

It’s always tough when a series gets pulled into an event this quickly. However, SWORD is the perfect fit for an alien invasion, especially when the monsters hit Krakoa’s shores. It’s a much more important issue than some may think as well, thanks to Al Ewing, Valerio Schiti, Marte Gracia, and Ariana Maher.

From the Peak, SWORD has watched Earth be conquered. Now, Abigail Brand has to figure out how to save the Earth and mutantkind at the same time. However, without Cable, they might not have a chance to save Earth or Krakoa…

Ewing does some very interesting things with this issue. One of my personal favorite things we see is how he takes a group of characters who can’t even be called B-listers and makes the reader care about them. I did not expect Mentallo to not only show up in a major role in a comic in 2021, but also be likable. 

By basing the action on the characters, Ewing makes the story even more immersive. Fabian Cortez is an irredeemable bastard, but his motivations make him acting on behalf of Krakoa all the more interesting. Protocol V is out of character for Brand, and learning more about it and how it came to be will be an interesting ride for the near future. 

Schiti and Gracia continue crafting a wholly unique internal world here. SWORD is a huge organization already and their art shows all sorts of ins and outs for the group- whether it’s parts of the station we haven’t seen, new tech, or even just Wiz Kid casually saving the day with station-board systems we haven’t seen yet. Their depiction of the rapidly freezing Earth is eerie, and which makes the X-Men’s desperate war against the symbiote dragons look even more haunting.

Only two issues in, this series is quickly establishing itself as something unusual, but fun as hell. I’m even more excited for the next issue, and where this goes next.

SWORD #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.


Krakoa gets gooey in a tie-in that plays with a lot more than just the King In Black.

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