Tim Allen Claims ‘Galaxy Quest’ Sequel Is Still In The Works

by Erik Amaya

Could there be room for Galaxy Quest: The Next Generation?

Original film star Tim Allen recently told EW there are ongoing discussions about continuing the story of Jason Nesmith (Allen) and the rest of the Galaxy Quest crew. “There is constantly a little flicker of a butane torch that we could reboot it,” he said. In fact, an idea was in place focusing more on Nesmith and Alexander Dane, the Shakespearean-actor-turned-sci-fi icon played by the late Alan Richman. But this play on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan never got underway before Richman’s death in 2016.

“Without giving too much away, a member of Alan’s Galaxy Quest family could step in and the idea would still work,” Allen said. He also added the idea allows production on the sequel to occur whenever possible because “when you travel at light speed, when you come back it can be like only 20 minutes, but 20 years have passed.” It is a science notion to explain away any aging among the surviving cast.

Of course, it’s tough to think that the script Allen alluded to could do more to advance Dane’s story than what was seen in the original film. Inspired by Leonard Nimoy‘s own struggles with being known for Spock, Dane eventually comes to embrace the character — and his catchphrase — after meeting a race of aliens who take the ideals espoused by his character to heart. His arc is very much complete by the time the crew returns to Earth. It is possible, though, to take more inspiration from Nimoy and his friendship with Star Trek star William Shatner, which was apparently damaged beyond repair shortly before Nimoy passed away.

And, as grim as this sounds, there is also a potential Galaxy Quest story in what Nesmith does as his friends and crew pass away around him.

Alternatively, the distance of years between the first film and now mirrors the distance between Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Though the stars of that series have said Galaxy Quest gets to the heart of making a sci-fi television show, there is room for a story about a new cast of Galaxy Quest stars.

Then again, it seems as though no one is in a real hurry to make a sequel happen. Maybe it’s better to let Galaxy Quest stand as this singularly funny film.

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