IDW Announces ‘My Little Pony/Transformers II’ Coming This Spring

by Olly MacNamee

One of the more bizarre recent team-ups in comics since Archie teamed up with The Punisher must surely be IDW’s My Little Pony/Transformers mini-series. But, bizarre can sell well, and so it is that IDW announce a sequel to these Hasbro heroes.

Cover A by Tony Fleecs

My Little Pony/Transformers II isa four-part monthly miniseries launching this Spring. The first issue is by writers James Asmus and Sam Maggs, and artists Jack Lawrence and Casey W. Coller!

“While using a modified Spacebridge to bring magic to Cybertron, the Decepticons end up unleashing a more powerful evil from Equestria than they ever could’ve imagined. Two worlds collide in the return of this hit crossover concept.”

Cover B by Bethany McGuire-Smith

Here’s what the writers had to add to this new announcement:

“I can’t wait to jump back into this world of magical friendships that really is More than Meets the Eye,” says Maggs. “It’s such a blast coming up with the most fun (and downright weird) pairings of ponies and ‘bots, and I think fans of both series are going to be surprised at what’s we’ve got for them this second time around!”

“The first crossover was about as much fun as I’ve had in my writing career,” says Asmus. “I am hugely delighted that we’re not only doing a follow up, but getting to flip the script. In the first series, we got to tell really charming and fun stories by tossing the Autobots and Decepticons into the colorful, magical world of Equestria. But now, dragging dark magic and friendly ponies into the sci-fi world of Cybertron lets us play with brand new tones, toys, and team-ups!”

My Little Pony / Transformers II #1 will be available this April from IDW. With multiple cover variants for retailers and fans to enjoy, including Cover A by Tony Fleecs, Cover B by Bethany McGuire-Smith, and two Retailer Incentive editions featuring art by Jon Gray and Anna Malkova, respectively.

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