Review: Is Drakkon Betraying Everyone Already In ‘Power Rangers’ #3?

by James Ferguson


It’s saying something when a horde of space vampires isn’t the most dangerous thing the Omega Rangers have encountered today. This issue combines horror elements and dynamite storytelling with some powerful character development…in space!


The Omega Rangers took a risk by kidnapping Drakkon from Zordon, straining their relationship with their former leader to the point where it will never be the same again. There was a threat out in the stars they needed the villain’s help with, no matter the cost. Now they find themselves adrift in their powerless space ship while a horde of space vampires called the Horrid descend upon them. Drakkon has shown his true colors, siding with these monsters to survive and eliminate the Rangers…or has he?

There’s quite a bit of misdirection in Power Rangers #3 as Zack, Trini, Jason, and Xi put a plan into motion on one side while Drakkon pulls some strings from his end. Writer Ryan Parrott leaves just enough up to interpretation. Is Drakkon trying to be good? Or is he an opportunist looking for a way out? We don’t know for sure and that’s part of what makes this such an enjoyable read.

Artist Francesco Mortarino’s depiction of Drakkon is perfect for this tone too. He’s slimy, conniving, and downright evil…At least that’s how he appears. His face rarely matches up with the words coming out of his mouth. You can’t trust him. That’s what’s making this so fascinating.

One element of this story I really like is how much Trini has stepped up. Jason will always be the leader, but Trini is showing just how capable she is of taking on that role, especially with how she deals with Drakkon.

The Red Omegazord makes an appearance in Power Rangers #3 and it’s just as cool and otherworldly as ever. It’s very angular and alien. Letterer Ed Dukeshire shows Jason’s dialogue from inside the Zord in red balloons with little marks on the side to signify his speech coming through a communication device. I love this effect. Mortarino uses a more dynamic layout in this sequence, as Jason faces off against the Horrid in space. It creates a more frenzied atmosphere that works well.

Colorist Raul Angulo really shines in this issue, first with the moody tones of the darkened space ship, conveying a definite horror vibe. This shifts into the bright, bombastic action we’re used to with this franchise once the Zord comes out. Although the reds really pop, they’re shown in contrast to the darkness of space all around, showing how the horror element is not far behind.

While this was an entertaining and harrowing story, the bigger threat is still looming and part of me wants to see the Rangers get to it. We are only three issues in though, so I’m being too harsh. One of Parrott’s strengths is his character development and we get loads of that in this chapter as this new team dynamic continues to take shape. If this issue is any indication, we’re in for a lot more drama and intrigue and I can’t wait.

Power Rangers #3 from BOOM! Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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