‘Gung-Ho’ Heats Up With New Story Arc Beginning In May

by James Ferguson

Gung-Ho, the dystopian survival series from Ablaze, will begin its second arc in May. Gung-Ho: Anger, written by Benjamin von Eckartsburg and illustrated by Thomas von Kummant, is set the near future where the “White Plague,” a violent and hyper aggressive species of deadly white-furred creatures, has decimated humanity. What we knew of civilization is now a bittersweet memory.

In the newest part of the acclaimed series, Archer has been banished from the colony, falsely condemned for the rape of Celine. But Zack doesn’t believe in his brother’s guilt, so a secret expedition is launched into the danger zone. The expedition will not be without risks though, nor without unpleasant surprises… Meanwhile, back at Fort Apache, confusion reigns and tensions are at an all-time high, as the adults look to safeguard the young and keep the colony intact. But with a “white wave” approaching—a big attack from the rippers—is it already too late?

This comes right after Gung-Ho: Sexy Beast, the current arc, which kicked off this week. The first volume of Gung-Ho, collecting the first two storylines, “Black Sheep” and “Short Circuit” is now available in a hardcover collection.

Rich Young, Ablaze VP Creative/Business Development said: “Gung-Ho is a title that I really cannot recommend highly enough.  Visually it’s breathtaking, and story-wise the book keeps getting more interesting and more intense with each issue. So I’m looking forward to publishing more Gung-Ho at Ablaze, and seeing more people discover this amazing series!”

Gung-Ho: Anger #1 features a main cover by Thomas von Kummant. The series will feature covers by Stephen Segovia, Daniel Clarke, and Kim Jung Gi. The first issue is set for release on May 26th, 2021.

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