Red Sonja Travels The Multiverse In Dynamite’s ‘Sonjaversal’ #1 Extended Preview

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Jae Lee (A)

Written by Christopher Hastings

Art by Pasquale Qualano, Jordi Perez

“This is the most important comic book to ever come out in the history of the world. Starring: RED Sonja, BLUE Sonja, GREEN Sonja, ORANGE Sonja, SAINT Sonja, HELL Sonja, and many, many, more!

An evil god punishes Sonja’s across dimensions. What’s the punishment? Sonja’s must kill other Sonja’s. the battle for Sonja supremacy begins in the event of 2021, by Christopher Hastings (Gwenpool) and Pasquale Qualano DIE!!namite)!”

Sonjaversal #1 is out Wednesday 3rd January from Dynamite

Cover by Joseph Michael Linsner (B)
Cover by Will Robson (C)
Cover by Mayara Sampaio (D)
Tabitha Lyons Cosplay Cover (E)

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