Is There Any Hope In Hades? Reviewing ‘Future State: Wonder Woman’ #2

by Olly MacNamee

Yara Flor, the Wonder Woman of DC’s Future State, continues here fantasy filled, dream-like trip through the underworld of Hades in an issue that’s as much a hero’s quest plot line as it is a great excuse to take in the amazing design work of Joëlle Jones as she builds a fusion world of myths that can easily be tapped into when we next see this stand-out star of this two-month long publishing initiative. 

Future State: Wonder Woman #2 is a much lighter issue than the first, but then it doesn’t have as much heavy lifting to do. There was so much set up in the debut issue that the action and adventure of her journey to save another can simply be enjoyed for what it is. An artists tour de force bu Jones who plays with textures and artwork in various ways. With a great deal of help from colour artist Jordie Bellaire.

Clayton Cowles brings a great deal into play ever too, implying the various voices through an array of different font designs and colour palettes applied to speed balloons. 

It’s a dynamic comic book with equally dynamic art and design. And probably not the ending one would expect, either.

In just two issues we have been given a new take on an old favourite, as well as a magical world in which to play. A new look Wonder Woman who isn’t awe-src by the pompous demi-gods she meets along the way and one with a bit more humour to here than her namesake too. 

Future State: Wonder Woman #2 is out now from DC Comics

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