Nhut Le Joins ‘Peacemaker’ As Judomaster

by Erik Amaya

There is a certain inevitability to a Peacemaker television series featuring the Charlton heroes.

Deadline reports Nhut Le has joined the cast of the upcoming HBO Max series as Judomaster. Created by Joe Gill and Frank McLaughlin in 1965’s Special War Series #4, the character was originally depicted as an American G.I. who learns the martial arts. The character took over the Gunmaster title for a time until it was cancelled after nine issues. He was subsequently sold to DC Comics in 1983 and would eventually appear in DC continuity following Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The character also loosely contributes to the abilities and backstory of Watchmen‘s Adrian Veidt — aka Ozymandias — and may have been intended to play his part in the story when the project was being developed as a send-off to the Charlton characters. Although, it is also far to say Veidt owes as much to Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt as he does Judomaster.

The Watchmen connection is interesting as Peacemaker himself — to be played by John Cena in the series — is the inspiration for the Comedian. Those associations follow the characters around into the DC Universe and, sometimes, into Watchmen spinoff material. Including Judomaster in the program makes us wonder if, perhaps, the Question will finally make his live action debut.

The Suicide Squad director James Gunn wrote all episodes Peacemaker and will direct several episodes of the series. It will also feature Danielle Brooks, Chris Conrad, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, Robert Patrick and Chukwudi Iwuji; some of whom, like Cena, reprise their roles from upcoming Suicide Squad film.

It is unclear when the series will air, but production is its early stages.

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