What’s In Store For ‘X-Men’ & X-Factor’ This May?

by James Ferguson

Marvel has revealed the covers for May’s issues of X-Men and X-Factor. These will come after a brief hiatus in April, but don’t worry as these series will pick up right where they left off with new villains, surprising guest stars, and shocking new developments as Reign of X continues.

X-Factor continues its stellar run from writer Leah Williams and artist David Baldeón. March’s X-Factor #8 has the team of mutant detectives dealing with a devastating battles with the Morrigan which will conclude in May’s X-Factor #9. It will even feature a return visit to the Mojoverse and rockstar guests Dazzler and Lila Cheney. Both issues feature covers by Ivan Shavrin.

Meanwhile, in March’s X-Men #19 from writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Mahmud Asrar, the mythology around mutantkind continues to evolve as the team takes on the Children of the Vault. Then, in May, Hickman is joined by artist Francesco Mobili for X-Men #20 for the return of Nimrod. Both issues feature covers by Leinil Francis Yu.

This all serves as lead up to the Hellfire Gala which is sure to be a major bash.

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