Review: ‘G.I. Joe: Castlefall’ Has A Fitting Title

by Benjamin Hall


G.I Joe attempts to bring down Cobra. While the evil organization attempts the same. Who will be the first to attack, and who will be the victor?


Writer Paul Allor creates a script with some great character moments. Also none of the characters feel inconsistent to what any G.I. Joe fan would know. Unfortunately there are times when Allor uses a few obvious tropes and cliches. As far as the dialogue goes Allor and letterer Neil Uyetake doa good job at giving individual voices to the characters. Uyetake even enhances key moments with the size and placement of the text. Although certain anchors could possibly be closer in position.

Cover A art by Chris Evenhuis

When it comes to the interior art artist Chris Evenhuis does a great job. Although Allor and Evenhuis do create some confusion regarding when certain events take place. Otherwise Evenhuis provides an easy to follow sequence of events via his visuals. Also Evenhuis does fine work when it comes to dynamic characterization in the interiors and the cover. While colorist Brittany Peer does a masterful application of hues to render each scene believably. Peer is especially noteworthy when it comes to light sources and their respective shadows. Lastly, the variant cover by artist Freddie Williams II and colorist Jeremy Colwell isstylistic, but the colors look muddy.

For those who are thinking this is a standard one-shot comic that is not the case. This one-shot is the conclusion to G.I. Joe (2019-2021). Yet, because it is a one-shot that concludes an ongoing series there are truncations of arcs. Unfortunately the story arc that begins the series gets a “just the beginning” type wrap-up. Therefore one could say the door is left open for a possible continuation at some point in the future. Still one can also argue that this series more realistic narrative deserves this ending. Either way it is at least some type of ending, and not all series get those.

G.I. Joe: Castlefall is out now from IDW

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