DC Comics Reveal New Titles, But No Art And No Creative Teams

by Olly MacNamee

DC Comics revealed its publishing plans at the annual ComicsPRO retailer meeting. DC Vice President of Sales and Revenue Nancy Spears announced the following titles that will bulk up their current line that has been drastically cut back post-DC Future State:

  • Deathstroke Inc.
  • Harley Quinn Animated Series sequel
  • A Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary title
  • Elseworld
  • “DC Vampires” (working title)
  • Robin and Batman
  • Joker: A Puzzle Box
  • The Legend of Batman
  • Crush and Lobo
  • Nubia and the Amazons
  • DC Middle Ages

Reading between the lines, and looking at DC Comics publishing strategy over the past few months, I wouldn’t be surprised if such title as Elseworlds and The Legend of Batman are anthology titles similar to some that we have seen come out during the DC Future State initiative. Maybe two stories in one like the Future State: Justice League title?

Others could well be mini-series. I’d bet a title like Crush and Lobo and Joker: A Puzzle Boxcould well be one such comic book to be put out as a mini-series. While A Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary will follow in the footsteps of Superman and Batman with a one-off 80 page beast of a comic book.

But, I cannot be somewhat disappointed to see not one but two more Batman related titles. Add to that an additional Joker title on one level it feels like more of the same. But then there are real efforts being made to establish a while new line of superheroes too with titles such as Nubia and the Amazons and the cryptic DC Middle Ages. A book involving Etrigan, maybe?

Nonetheless it’s certainly good news that DC Comics are expanding its line again. Although how many will be DC Digital First titles – another area DC Comics have been playing round with for some time now – remains to be seen.

Anything we hear in the meantime, regrading creative teams and meantime, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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