The Supernatural Sailor Kent Menace Rises This May

by James Ferguson

With nicknames like “Weird Hero for Today” and “Aquaman on Acid,” I have to say, I’m curious as to what kind of adventures Kent Menace gets up to. American Mythology Productions has announced a new director’s cut issue digging into the first adventures of the mysterious mariner in Kent Menace #0 from Scott Braden and Mike Malbrough.

Kent’s backstory is pure pulp with watery depths, infernal fighting techniques, a pirate king father, and a Tritonblade imbued with the power of time travel. All this leads up to an epic battle with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Braden originally thought up the character in 1999, but it took working with Malbrough to finally bring the supernatural sailor to life. Grant Morrison’s Animal Man was cited as an influence on this story as Kent Menace finds himself pulled from the pages of his fictional quests, dealing with nightmarish creatures who threaten the real world.

The logo was designed by Belinda Thrift Miller. The 32-page issue features an introduction by Tripwire founder Joel Meadows, a prose story by Meggan Groves Robinson, and artwork from Eraklis Petmezas, Jeff Dillon, Marty Grosser, Mike Shipley, Juan Castro, Mark Wheatley, Steve Conley, Nick Pentz, and Dillon Samuelson.

Kent Menace #0 is set for release on May 12th, 2021.

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