The Infinity Gauntlet Gets Claws In ‘Black Cat’ #8

by James Ferguson

The Infinity Gauntlet is most closely associated with Thanos, however a number of other folks in the Marvel Universe have wielded it. I never would have thought the Black Cat would get her claws on it, but that’s exactly what’s coming this summer in Infinite Destinies. At the ComicsPro retailer event last week, Marvel Comics revealed the cover for Black Cat #8 by artist Pepe Larraz showing Felicia Hardy with some shiny new jewelry.

The Black Cat’s next heist is part of Infinite Destinies, a storyline running through eight Annuals in June and part of Black Cat #8 from writer Jed MacKay and artist C.F. Villa. Marvel promises major repercussions for the series moving forward.

“In the first year of Black Cat, Cat stole things from the most powerful heroes on Earth.” says Editor Nick Lowe. “This summer, she steals the most powerful things in the Universe!”

“Felicia Hardy- the Black Cat- gets tangled up with the Infinity Stones, some of the most dangerous prizes in the universe. Felicia may be the most accomplished jewel thief on the planet, but when those jewels hold the power of the cosmos, it’s a whole new ball game. Felicia is in a race against the others who would seek to control the stones for their own ends- like Nick Fury (and a secret someone you won’t see coming!),” MacKay teased. “Who can cross the world’s most dangerous men, wrangle a pack of villains hopped up on fragments of infinite power, (hopefully) get the job done and look great all the while? The Black Cat, that’s who!”

Black Cat #8 is coming later this year from Marvel Comics.

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