Watch Harrow County’s Tyler Crook Compress A Nine Hour Cover Into A Four Minute Video

by Staff

The folk horror Dark Horse series Harrow County has gotten plenty of attention since it launched in 2015, not least due to Tyler Crook’s stunning, painted artwork. Written by Cullen Bunn, the series is now in its 20th issue and 4th volume, and well worth the read. Issue #21 comes out on March 6th.
Crook’s time-lapse art videos posted online have also gained a following well beyond comics fans simply due to the mesmerizing skill with which he creates atmosphere and mood like a comics version of Bob Ross. Add to that a soothing voice-over and we highly recommend watching Crook’s videos as a meditative experience.

Most recently, he outdid himself by releasing a time-lapse video of a nine hour process on a cover for Harrow County condensed into a four minute video. And it’s a stunner. Enjoy.

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