Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #2 Decompresses Yet Entertains

by Benjamin Hall


To survive on an unknown planet two warring factions of robots must use disguises against each other. Who will emerge victorious and what will it cost?


Cover A is by artist Josh Burcham, and features a decent design. However, new character Nyx’s walking pose looks a little odd. This is due to how the knees don’t look to be bending at all. As for Cover B artist Dan Schoening and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado provide a similar look to their previous cover for issue #1. Although, Shoening does provide some conflict between Rhinox and Scorpnok via how they are gazing at each other. The Retailer Incentive Cover is by artist Winston Chan, and It unarguably features the most action of the three. Also Chan shows impressive use of darker hues while believably lighting the scene.

Transformers Beast Wars #2 (2021) Cover A art by Josh Burcham

The interior art is also by Josh Burcham, but unlike last issue there are some noticeable flaws. One of which is that Burcham does not provide a believable tail to Scorpnok’s robot form. It looks too thin and wire-like. Also when one Transformer changes modes it looks at one point rather like a toy. Nevertheless, Burcham does have both a consistent style and a good sense of pacing. Burcham also puts in some visual gags that may or may not entertain readers. As for the interior colors Burcham arguably does choose somewhat lighter than necessary hues.

Writer Erik Burnham and letterer Jake M. Wood round out the remaining creative team. Burnham provides a decent script that veers far enough from the show to create narrative tension. Though this veering from expectations may turn out to be too far too soon. Yet, that is a possible problem for future issues. Arguably the only real flaw in Burnham’s scripting is a case of decompression that slows the narrative’s flow. As for the lettering Wood does a fine job with positioning the word balloons and anchors. Wood also does a good job with suggesting different vocal volumes via the text sizes.

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