New Villains And Heroes Arise In ‘The Marvel’s’ #1

by James Ferguson

This month we’ll finally see the debut of The Marvels from writer Kurt Busiek and artist Yildiray Çinar after a year long delay. Marvel Comics is aiming high with this point, claiming it’s one of the biggest, most sprawling series to ever hit its universe. The publisher has shared a look at some of the new heroes and villains set to be introduced in the series, such as Threadneedle, Warbird, and Kevin Schumer, along with new takes on classic characters like Lady Lotus.

The Marvels will span decades, taking us from grand adventure to intense human drama and from street-level to cosmic. It will star everyone from Marvel’s very first heroes to the superstars of tomorrow. That’s where these new folks come in.

“We introduce three new characters in The Marvels 1 — one who’s very much on a human level, one wrapped up with superhero history and ties beyond Earth, and one who’s outright weird and cosmic and will usher us into a bigger, stranger, deeper world.” Busiek told “Threadneedle is that third guy, as I expect you can tell. And yeah, Alex did an astounding design of Threadneedle, didn’t he? Quirky and trippy, and nothing like anyone else Marvel’s had in stories before. And that’s all very intentional. Make sure to keep an eye on him. He’s got fascinating secrets.”

The Marvels #1 is set for release on April 28th, 2021.

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