Frost Faces Her Trial On The Next Episode Of ‘The Flash’

by Erik Amaya

Mimicking the usual release pattern from a typical year, The Flash is taking the next few weeks off. But when it returns, Frost (Danielle Panabaker) faces a trial for her crimes before she went good. Will her work with Team Flash over the last few years mitigate any punishment or will she be forced to forfeit her new life as the State’s Attorney calls for the end of her powers? Caitlin’s (also Panabaker) behavior in the following trailer certainly suggests this is a death sentence. Will it be Frost’s last day?

It would be a shame to lose her now. Panabaker seems more invested in Frost at this point and the writers definitely have a good time putting her to situations like her attempt to clear her name this week. And, as it happens, it’s just fun to watch Frost try to learn human behavior.

Also, we like to see the show do these sorts of spotlight episodes in lieu of focusing on the Forces. Yeah, there’s a battle ahead, but letting the characters breathe is a nice change of pace for the program; seen here both with Frost’s story and the tension between Barry (Grant Gustin) and the Speed Force (Michelle Harrison). Sure, Barry may be okay calling her “Nora” at this point, but we’re not so sure. Nevertheless, we’re glad the show addressed how weird it might be for Barry to have a universal force take the form of his mother and take shelter in his guest room. That is genuinely strange. But we also like the way Iris (Candice Patton) humanized it by comparing the situation to what happens when grown-up children stay with their folks for a time. These are the sorts of stories we appreciate from The Flash and we hope they continue even if the plot kicks into high gear.

The Flash returns May 4th on The CW.

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