Triple Trouble: The First Three Issues Of ‘Radiant Black’ Sell Out

by Olly MacNamee

Kyle Higgins and Marcelo Costa’s Radiant Black’s first three issues have all now sold out at distribution level meaning two things. Firstly, that there may be issues still available on the ground and in bricks and mortar stores and, secondly, there’s additional printings ready to roll.  And, this includes the most recent issue that only came out today! And was still sitting on the shelves of my local comic store – Birmingham’s Worlds Apart – when I picked up my bag of books only half an hour ago.

Cover by Cian Tormey and Matt Wilson

So, that’s third printings for Radiant Black #1 and #2 – with new connecting, and very cool looking covers, by Geraldo Borges and Marcelo Costa – and a second printing for this week’s new release, which will feature a new cover by Cian Tormey and Matt Wilson.


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