Task Force X Have The Joker In Their Sights In ‘Suicide Squad: Get Joker!’ From DC Black Label

by Olly MacNamee

The Joker is getting all the attention these days. Not only has he now got his own monthly comic book series, but now the Suicide Squad have their sights set on the Clown Prince of Crime in a new three-part mini-series. Suicide Squad: Get Joker! will be written by Brian Azzarello and illustrated by Alex Maleev. 

When Task Force X’s Amanda Waller sets her sights on Batman’s greatest foe, she enlists the Dark Knight’s former partner Jason Todd to track down the Clown Prince of Crime and put an end to his mad reign of terror!

Suicide Squad: Get Joker! #1 (of 3) arrives on Tuesday August 3rd from DC Comisc and will be published as a precise, over-sized series with card stock covers by Maleev (main) and Jorge Fornes (variant). Suicide Squad: Get Joker! will retail for $6.99 US for 48 pages and will carry DC’s Black Label content descriptor, indicating content appropriate for readers ages 17+. 

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