The Death Of Stalin: The OGN That Inspired The Film Is Out This Week

by Olly MacNamee


This week sees the publication of The Death of Stalin graphic novel; the book which has inspired the new Armando Iannucci (Veep) film of the same name. A film that includes, amongst its cast, Steve Buscemi (Broadwalk Empire, Reservoir Dogs), Rupert Friend (Homeland) and Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent, Arrested Development) to name but a few of the stellar cast assembled for the big screen outing of this fictionalised account of Uncle Joe’s death and the power vacuum left behind by Stalin’s death.
But, forget the film for a moment, and read what Titan Comics have to say about the graphic novel, though:
Fear, corruption and treachery abound in this political satire set in the aftermath of Stalin’s death in the Soviet Union in 1953.
When the leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, has a stroke – the political gears begin to turn, plunging the super-state into darkness, uncertainty and near civil war. The struggle for supreme power will determine the fate of the nation and of the world. And it all really happened.
Written by Fabian Nury and illustrated by Thierry Robin, The Death of Stalin is a darkly humoured retelling of this historical event and the immediate aftermath. And, here at HQ we’re happy to offer you a slight look behind the cover in our five page preview.
And, if it’s good enough for Armando Iannucci, it’ll do me. So, expect a review shortly, no doubt.
The Death of Stalin graphic novel is available from comic shops and digital platforms on July 5th 2017, and then hits book stores on July 25th 2017.




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