A New Blend Of Horror And Crime In Scotland-Set Tale Of A Wrong Turn In The Dark

by Hannah Means Shannon

Comixtribe are bringing us a new blend of horror and crime in September in the form of indie comic Sink, written by John Lees and drawn by Alex Cormack. The same team previously created Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare.

Set in a “warped funhouse mirror vision” of Glasgow, Scotland, the area known as Sinkhill is a “hive of crooks, deviants, and killers” with a few ordinary people trying to survive among them. When Allan misses the last bus home, a wrong turn on his walk takes him into Sinkhill. There he must face horrors in “knife-wielding youths, a fox-masked vigilante, and a nightmare lurking in a blue van”.


The creators have been kind enough to share a preview with us of this new and horrifying tale:

Sink #1 arrives in shops on September 27th, and you can pre-order it with the following Diamond code: JUL171645

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