Ahsoka Tano Fights Her Way Through New Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Short

by Erik Amaya

Ahoska lives!
Well, sort of. The fourth short in the new Star Wars: Forces of Destiny series features Ahsoka Tano back in her days as Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan. Of course, nothing is easy in the Star Wars Galaxy, even being on time for a promotion ceremony. But it’s safe to say Ahsoka has a good excuse for her tardiness — a malfunctioning droid on the high streets of Coruscant.

This might be my favorite of the series thus far. As opposed to the others, it didn’t feel like a deleted scene from one of the films. Granted, my Star Wars: The Clone Wars viewing is incomplete, so this may very well be something referenced but never seen before. On it’s own merits, it has a lot of energy, which is appropriate for one Star Wars most animated Padawans. Also, you can never go wrong with fish people, robots or Yoda staring at a giant bonsai tree. The short also recalls simpler times before Ahsoka had to confront any truths about her master.
Yeah, that’s a fight I’m still not over.
Meanwhile, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny continues, presumably with Sabine taking center stage tomorrow.

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