Super Sunday (Part 3) – Kickstarting Comics With ‘LumberJax: Power By Any Means’

by Olly MacNamee

Our third Kickstarter campaign to share with you is for LumberJax: Power By Any Means #2 by writer Morgan Iverson, artist Giacomo Guida, colourist David Aravena and letterer Danny J Quick.

“This comic is a continuation of the explosive aftermath of LumberJax #1. After Animus and the By Any Means crew wreak havoc in New Orleans, our story picks up with The Preacher attempting to mend the hearts of citizens of New Orleans. Multi-Billionaire pharmaceutical CEO, Francis Demaurieux joins The Preacher to help in the wake of the violence when DL, Jax’s oracle, uncovers the more sinister plot from the two wolves in sheep’s clothing. Jax is running against the clock to stop their plot when he comes across another clash with Animus and the baddest man in New Orleans…Trespass and his Violators crew. In the midst, Jax learns of something that makes stopping the impending massacre at Mardi Gras even more pressing… you won’t believe what it is.”

A comic book designed to “shed light on police brutality and the struggle for justice in America,” with religious overtures, this book has just over a week left to run and can be read up on supported here.


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