A Suitably Creepy New Teaser Drops For ‘Stranger Things’ Series 4

by Olly MacNamee

9am (ET) equates to 2pm here in the UK, and that’s when a new teaser for Stranger Things dropped. Just as I was teaching – ironically enough – an introduction to Gothic Horror to my Year 9 class. And therefore nowhere near a computer to post it. So, apologies for the late one, but it’s here now and teasing the return of Matthew Modine and more sinister machinations involving other youngest – just like Eleven – in his care. Well, I say “care”, but you get the idea.

But rather than give you a blow-by-blow account of what else features in this creepy teaser trailer for series 4 of Stranger Things, why not discover it for yourself by watching the trailer below?

Still no word on when this long-anticipated series will be released, but surely soon, right? After all, the Duffer Brothers who produce the show must be worried their young stars will soon be old enough to vote and thereby lose their wide-eyed innocence that is such a big part of its appeal.

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