Art For Art’s Sake # 103 – Giving You The Full Kaluta…

by Richard Bruton

In an ever-changing world of misery, torment, hatred, lockdowns, pandemics, and that annoying next-door neighbour who doesn’t get the concept of privacy or that a mask goes over the nose AND the mouth, isn’t it good to have something you can rely on?

Folks… it’s the weekly Comicon Art For Art’s Sake

We begin with a couple from Rich Burchett – doing the bat with some style:

Walt Simonson – Manhunter

John Paul Leon – Spirit

Oscar Jimenez – Constantine & Swamp Thing

Jaime Hernandez – a little bit of Locas…

Iron Man by Bob Layton

House of Mystery #221 cover by Bernie Wrightson

Vince Giarrano & Kyle Baker – cover to Haywire #1

Harley Quinn by Takeshi Miyazawa

Fin Fang Foom – Ryan Ottley

Dick Tracy Forever #1 Michael Avon Oeming

Chris Samnee – Catwoman

Marshall Rogers – Batman

Dustin Nguyen – once more on the bat

And finally, we’ll end this week with some truly glorious art from the pen of a maestro… Michael W Kaluta.

He might be most well known for his work on The Shadow, but there’s so much more to Kaluta than just that, a magnificent body of work stretching back to 1970.

And that beautiful image broken down a little…

And a few from Starstruck, the series co-created with Elaine Lee:

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