eigoManga To Release English Adaptation Of The Award-Winning Comic Series ‘Oldman’

by Gary Catig

Publisher, eigoMANGA has announced its latest project. They have acquired the rights to adapt the award winning and internationally acclaimed series, Oldman, as a multi-volume graphic novel manga in English.

Oldman was created by Taiwanese writer and illustrator, Chang Sheng, and was originally published by Tongli Publishing in Taipei. The story takes place in a kingdom ruled by a beautiful yet ruthless queen who adopts orphans as a way to give hope to the commoners that anyone can be king. Though kings come and go throughout the years, the queen manages to never age.

Th titular character is the only person who knows the queen’s dark secret but he is kept prisoner in her deepest dungeon. One day he uses his magical powers to make it seemed like he escaped but in reality, he rescues another prisoner. She is a sword maiden rebel whose arms and legs were amputated. After fitting her with mechanical limbs, the pair work together to overthrow the Queen.

Oldman is planned to be released this fall on November th8, 2021. Check out some of the preview images below. More information on the title can be found here.


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