Extended Preview: Dynamite’s ‘Sacredsix’ #9 By Priest, Roux And Ohta

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Lucio Parrillo (A)

Written by Christopher Priest 

Art by Stephane Roux, Julius Ohta

“After all of Lilith’s machinations, manipulations and subsequent cessation, the women of the Six are brought together by Drago to protect the vampires and ghouls of Sacred. What the likes of Nyx, Chastity and Draculina consider protection, however, is a far cry from what Drago’s seeking. And to complicate matters further, Draculina’s carrying a secret that not only puts her at odds with her uneasy compatriots but might well just get her killed. Meanwhile, the mystery of The Gardener deepens further. Plus: Continuing the origin of Nyx!”

sacredsix #9 is out Wednesday 19th May from Dynamite

Cover by Stephane Roux (B)
Cover by Raymund Burmudez (C)
Cover by Jay Anacleto (D)
Cover by Warren Louw (E)

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