It’s The Edge Of Civil Unrest In Gotham City When ‘Batwoman’ Returns

by Erik Amaya

Batwoman is taking a brief pause for the next two weeks, but when it returns, Ryan (Javicia Leslie), Sophie (Meagan Tandy) and the rest must deal with the fallout from this week’s final scene. Will what occurred be final? And will it spark civil unrest in Gotham City?

Even though this week’s episode was something of a bait-and-switch — we got a zombie episode instead of a more head-on debate about cops, Black Lives Matter, and Sophie’s role in law enforcement — we’re glad Sophie finally saw the Crows for what they are. As we’ve been saying all season, their status as a semi-private police force gives the show latitude to make pointed commentary, but it could only really do so if it moved Sophie and, ultimately, Jacob (Dougray Scott) out of those sets. So even if we weren’t thrilled by the episode’s zombie plot, we are happy to see it gave Sophie the reason to finally quit her job. It even gave Scott a moment to shine as Jacob. Seeing him and Mary (Nicole Kang) smile at each other went a long way to restoring his character, even if he’ll have to go through a few dark nights of the soul to really redeem himself in her eyes.

Batwoman returns June 6th.

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