5 Point Discussions – SSSS.Gridman 4: “Suspicion”

by Sage Ashford

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1. Hold on. Akane and her AI buddy Alexis are discussing what to do about Gridman, and Akane mentions she thinks it might be Yuta. Excuse me…might? A kaiju attacked last episode and right as it happened, a man leapt into their classroom (that’s several floors up), pulled Yuta out of the class, and minutes later Gridman showed up. Who else could it be? Does she literally have to see the transformation sequence?  This is the most obvious alter-ego since Superman put on a pair of glasses.

2. I guess this could be a weird culture thing, but I can’t help being grossed out. Akane and Rikka get asked by two of their classmates to go to a group date with the members of Arcadia, a boy idol group. An idol group just going out with regular students is weird enough in itself, but worse? These dudes are 21 going after first year high school students.   Yuta and Utsumi start following the girls because they’ve got crushes on Rikka and Akane, but they should really be following them ’cause it’s gross for dudes this old to go on dates with fifteen year old girls.
Fortunately for the both of them, neither of the girls they’re interested in even care about the group date. Akane goes because she wants to get Rikka to share Yuta’s “secret identity”, while Rikka goes because she was friends with Akane at one point and this is her first opportunity to reconnect. But, since this is a group date, the two don’t get to talk much as the boys keep trying to hit on them.  Although…what was Akane’s plan, even? “Hey, the boy you hang out a lot with lately…does he happen to yell HENSHIN whenever giant monsters show up?”

3. After awhile, Akane gets fed up with the boys trying to get her attention (or that some college kids are so lame they’re hitting on first year high schoolers) and leaves.  She heads back home, where she runs into Anti, the kaiju she rejected last episode after he failed to kill Gridman. She asks him to go kill the idols, but he refuses because apparently his sole purpose is to kill Gridman, something she probably should’ve thought through when she was building him,  She chucks her phone at him and decides to build another kaiju–which begs the question of why she doesn’t just build a bunch and make Gridman fight them all, but that’s messing with the formula of the show too much.
With ease, she has three of them killed, and like that Arcadia goes from four members to only a single one. The only thing saving the last one from being murdered as well is Rikka meeting up with her friends and learning the other three have been “retconned”. Now at the end of this episode, Rikka will start questioning why the kaiju show up and begin wondering if she’s the reason for them.  It would be a fair conclusion to come to, if so far the two incidents where someone was murdered didn’t involve Akane. But I’ll cut her some slack since she’s suddenly been thrown into a tokusatsu series without being told.

4. In the first episode, it was hinted that Yuta losing his memory was something of a big deal to Rikka. “If you’re lying about losing your memory, you’re a real jerk.” They’ve been busy setting up the rest of the plot, and it’s only now that we’re able to come back around to what happened with the two of them. After learning about Rikka going on a group date, Yuta gets jealous enough to stalk her…with Utsumi and the Neon Genesis kids helping out…and eventually he realizes he has a crush on her. It’s becoming clear now he confessed he was in love before he lost his memory, and that very possibly will wind up being the trigger to help restore it.
On another note though, Gridman mentions this episode he’s forgotten who he is as well, only having the burning drive for justice left over. This is a little weirder, and I suspect a more over the top answer will be required for his sudden memory loss.

5. I’m a little ticked they robbed me of the first appearance of Synchro/Thunder Gridman, but I’ll accept the mistake since we got a three-way battle in its place!  Rikka just happens to save the last member of Arcadia from being murdered, and calls the Gridman Alliance to stop the kaiju. Once Yuta appears, he finds not only the new kaiju, but Anti as well! Obsessed with defeating Gridman, he attacks both the new kaiju and his nemesis, resulting in a triple threat match between giants.
Gridman tries to get some help from the other Assist Weapons, but they all try to show up at once and the Junk computer can’t handle it, freezing them all in place. A timely reboot from Rikka saves the day, and Yuta combines with Borr to become Max Gridman again and shut down the new kaiju once and for all, while Anti runs out of time and turns tiny again. Another upgrade for Junk has to be in the cards soon, because what’s even the point of this show if we aren’t getting Thunder Gridman and King Gridman?
SSSS.Gridman is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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