Z2 Comics Bring Jason Derulo’s ‘Uzo’ To Life In An All-New Graphic Novel

by Richard Bruton

Another new Z2 Comics collaboration brings Jason Derulo‘s vision for an immersive new Sci-Fi universe to print in the Uzo graphic novel this October!


In their continuing mission to bring music and comics together, Z2 Comics has announced the new graphic novel collaboration with Jason DeruloUZO, based on an original idea from Derulo himself.

Since breaking through with his five-times-platinum single ‘Whatcha Say’, Jason Derulo has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, and has gone on to become one of TikTok’s most influential users, boasting the 11th overall biggest account on the video-sharing platform and regularly amassing over five million views per TikTok post.

Uzo first came about on TikTok, with Derulo introducing his character there before partnering with Z2 to bring the project to comics.

“Working with Trill League writer Anthony Piper and Generation X artist Eric Koda, Jason Derulo’s UZO tells of a distant future where a mysterious asteroid has turned the planet into a frozen wasteland, with the last gasps of humanity fighting over dwindling resources. Into this dystopian future comes a lone champion, Uzo, destined to become the last hope for both his village and the planet!

I’ve been working on bringing Uzo to life for years. From writing scripts to skits on TikTok. So blessed to have worked with a dream team of creators to bring the best version of ‘Uzo’ to you.” – Jason Derulo

The graphic novel will be available in comic shops and bookstores from October, and is available to pr-order at the Z2 Comics website right now, including the exclusive limited deluxe version that includes prints by artists Anthony Washington, Raymond Gay & Andres Mossa, and interior artist Eric Koda.

“When I spoke to Jason about his idea, I was excited by his vision to turn his Uzo character into a hero—but even more excited that he was open to exploring dark and emotional themes that I felt were pertinent to the times we live in. We’re creating something unprecedented for a black hero. Something that speaks on the responsibility that comes with manhood and being a protector, of not only family, but the planet itself. Plus, I know with art by the talented Eric Koda, this story is going to be a visual treat for the reader.” – Writer, Anthony Piper

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