Berlanti Regular Lee Toland Krieger To Direct Premiere Episodes Of ‘Green Lantern’

by Erik Amaya


A familiar hand will help craft Green Lantern for its initial episodes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran director Lee Toland Krieger will helm the first two episodes of the upcoming HBO Max series. Based on the concept created by Martin Nodell and built upon by countless others, the series will focus on two men chosen to wield the power ring of the Green Lantern Corps. In 1941, Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott (Jeremy Irvine) navigates being a Lantern and a G-Man while hiding his homosexuality from a society terrified of it. Meanwhile, in 1984, Guy Gardner (Finn Wittrock) brings his brash energy to the Corps. Presumably, other Lanterns will also appear in the series.

The program comes from Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti and his Green Lantern feature film collaborator Marc Guggenheim, among other familiar Belanti and DC Entertainment names. As it happens, Krieger has directed episodes of several Berlanti shows including Riverdale and the recent Superman & Lois pilot. Considering the latter’s cinematic look, we expect that feature feel will also transfer to Green Lantern.

Which is absolutely what the concept deserves. For the most part, every choice we’ve heard about the series has the ring of correctness. Featuring Alan and Guy gives it scope — even if we understand the fans clamoring for John Stewart to get his live action debut — and Kreiger’s talents offer it that film quality. Also, as HBO Max always intended it to be a prestige series, it will have the gravitas the Corps richly deserves. Although, we still hope Guy gets his “one punch” moment somehow.

With a director aboard, expect production to ramp up soon, but for the series to premiere sometime in 2022.

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