Kickstarting Comics: It’s Your Last Chance To Back ‘The Samurai Slasher’ Collection

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Mike Garley, artists Gavin Mitchell, Andy W. Clift, Wynn Ryder, Lou Ashworth, Kristina Gee, and letterer Mike Stock are hoping to publish a collection of their indie horror comic Samurai Slasher. And with four days left of the campaign you may want to give it a look and avoid disappointment.

The Samurai Slasher collected edition will be over 250 pages in length and include the original trilogy of graphic novels, as well as six additional stories, a selection of all-new pinups, and more!

“The Samurai Slasher is an unstoppable killing machine who hacks, slashes, and stabs his way through anyone that’s stupid enough to get in his way. The comic is a mixture of horror, comedy, and the bizarre type of storylines that you’d expect to find in an 80s b-movie.”

As well as grabbing this collected edition, you can also get yourself a copy of The Samurai Slasher Game:

A social/drinking game designed to be played in person or over the internet. One of you will play as the Samurai Slasher, as everyone else tries to survive, in an all.

The pledge rewards are a great eclectic mix too. They include a 21 track soundtrack by Ian Alex-Mac that accompanied the first three graphic novels, a Survive-Your-Own Adventure Book and the chance to own some of the original art from the various graphic novels and comics. There’s even enamel pins as additional ‘add-ons’. Y’know because pins are cool!

For more details and the various pledges, head on over to the campaign page here and take a look for yourself.

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