Review: ‘Action Comics’ #1031 Places Superman’s Whole World In Peril

by Tony Thornley

Warworld has come to Earth, and its conflicts have come with it. Now Superman’s about to face one of the most complex situations in his eighty plus years, with Action Comics #1031 leading into this next era.

Cover by Mikel Janin

Superman is facing his legacy in the form of refugees from Warworld who may or may not be Kryptonian. Just what does that mean for him, for Jon, and for Earth? It’s a question that may be answered by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere, Adriano Lucas, and Dave Sharpe.

The evil of Warworld has come to Earth. Though Clark and Jon have pushed the main force away, Mongul’s troops and technology are still here, foreshadowing a great threat to Earth. But the greatest danger may come from those Clark lets in…

Johnson is continuing to craft one of the most human Superman stories I’ve read in years. Clark is a ball of righteous fury the entire issue, and Johnson shows how he really would deal with that sort of anger. He also builds multiple plots across the issue, between the Warworlders, the refugees, and even the Atlanteans whose domain had a spaceship crash on top of. One of the best things I’ve seen since the Infinite Frontier era started has been how connected the universe is. Johnson has been leaning into that better than almost any other in the line and his Aquaman scenes in this issue feel genuine. The reader can feel the mutual respect between Clark and Arthur. All together, it’s not just a strong Superman story, but a great DCU story too.

Sampere is showing that he’s a hidden gem here. Though his work leans a bit towards DC’s house style in his figures and characters’ faces, his layouts and action scenes are grand and filled with motion. Along with Lucas’ colors, he brings the fantastic world of the Man of Steel to life, with both his design work and how the characters move across the page in a way that only a Kryptonian can. Lucas’ colors are full of light, and he manipulates across the page, making the tone of the colors change depending on where the light source is. Together it makes for one of the best looking Superman issues we’ve seen recently.

Superman’s whole life is about to change. The creative team is showing how it’s going to make for a great story.

Action Comics #1031 is available now from DC Comics.


Superman’s whole world starts to crumble. It’s an interesting story full of plot, some great character moments, and some great art. In only two issues, it’s already shaping up to be one of the most interesting Superman stories in years.

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