Mister Negative Is The 200th Champion In ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

Marvel Contest of Champions hit a significant milestone with the arrival of Mister Negative to the popular mobile brawler. Following Shang-Chi earlier this month, the supervillain is the 200th champion to join the game. Check out his quick biography of his in-game story below.

“After the downfall of his gang the Snakeheads “Martin Li” was captured by the international crime syndicate known as The Maggia and used in the experimentation of a new synthetic drug called “D-Lite”. Surviving the experiments and escaping his captors Li developed super-powers giving him the ability to tap into the Lightforce and Darkforce. Dedicating himself to become Chinatown’s Kingpin of Crime, Li deemed himself “Mister Negative”, swinging between good and evil without remorse with the ultimate goal of erasing the Maggia for what it did to him.”

He has a formidable set of special moves that highlight his contrasts of light and dark. To dive deeper into Mister Negative, consult his Champion spotlight that details his abilities, history, strengths recommended masteries.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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