Great Art, Poor Plot: Reviewing Frank Cho’s ‘Fight Girls’ #1 From AWA Upshot

by Olly MacNamee


Ten of the toughest women in the galaxy compete for the chance to become Queen of the Galaxy in a comic book that’s heavy on amazing art, but light on plot.


The newest comic from AWA Upshots, Fight Girls #1, is everything you’ve come to expect from Frank Cho when given free rein to create his own comic book series. Athletic Amazonian women, dinosaurs and plenty of humour too. Throw in more than a bit of Wonder Woman and her trails on Themyscira to become the hero she was always destined to be, and you have the beginnings of a great looking series. Made to pop even more thanks to the colour art of Sabine Rich. But a series that lacks a great deal of depth plotwise.

The premise is simple enough. Maybe too simple to carry a full series: a throne is left unfilled and ten of the toughest, meanest women in the galaxy enter a contest of champions in a winner-takes-all contest of physical domination across land, water and in the arena of combat. But, if nothing else, it’s a great excuse for Cho to do what he does best. Pitting beautiful, muscular and intimidating women against exotic, Savage Lands-like, breathtaking backdrops in a Battle Royale. And all commentated on from afar. The ultimate sports competition for the ultimate prize, to become Queen of the Galaxy.

Cho delivers comic book art that beautifully balances the economy of line in his foreground figures – with plenty of full figure shots of the competitors –  with Gustave Doré level cross hatched backgrounds and gnarly dinosaurs and other assorted primeval nasties. I simply cannot fault it. And I dare say many will buy it for the artwork alone. I couldn’t blame them. But, like a lot of spectator events – whether that be sports of reality shows – it’s light on story and heavy on spectacle. Although there is some hints that there is more to it than just that. But, maybe not too much more.

If Fight Girls #1 is a true taster for the series going forward then I expect more of the same – girl on girl action that plays to Cho’s readership – but set against different environments with the competitors dwindling off until only two remain. And I’m not sure that’s enough for me to invest in beyond this debut issue.

Fight Girls #1 is out now from AWA Upshot

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