Something For The Weekend: A Selection Of Popular Post For You To Enjoy

by Olly MacNamee

Last weekend may have been the 4th July and this week saw England get through to the final of the Euros, but with a double celebration on both sides of the pond, you all still found the time to check in with us. And here are a selection of posts you seemed to enjoy:

  1. The trailer for Kate Beckinsale new thriller Jolt proved popular. Check it out again here.
  2. Regular columns continue to prove popular and a sign that we’re getting the mix of news and opinions right as Brendan Allen’s Jumping on Point makes the grade again. Read up on all the new storylines launched this past week in comics here.
  3. Our Review Round also made it onto the list. A great selection of reviews can be found here as well as every Saturday too.
  4. And then there’s Richard Bruton’s dedicated preview to 2000 AD too. This week he previewed the 2000 AD Summer Special here too.
  5. I reviewed Stuart Moore’s novel Target: Kree that came out this week. Read my thoughts on this strategy game tie-in here.
  6. Proving there’s life in the old dog still, Howard Chaykin’s Hey Kids! Comics! Vol.2 Prophets & Loss #3 preview was the second most popular preview we posted. Check it out here.
  7. The first most popular preview posted was for Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #1 from Dynamite (here).
  8. DC Comics new and rather expensive eaterie, Park Row, is to finally open in Soho, London after some delay and Brendan Allen brought us all the details here. But then it is London, so it was never going to be your run-of-the-mill restaurant.
  9. Brendan also reported on Jeremy Haun’s Hauntology Kickstarter being fully funded on its first day here.
  10. And finally Gary Catig brought his regular updates for Marvel’s Contest of Champions downloadable mobile game here.

So, that’s your ten to takeaway, plus a little something extra. And do forgive me for being somewhat self-indulgent. After all it’s not every day – or every decade – Engalnd’s football team makes it to such a huge final as the Euros, so I leave you with a song that since it’s debut in 1996 (when we hosted the competition) has been synonymous with England: David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds’ anthemic ‘Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)’. Come on En-Ger-Land!!!

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