The Monthly Megazine – Issue 434 – The Return Of An Angel…

by Richard Bruton

The Monthly Megazine – doing just what it says, taking you through the latest goings-on in the sister monthly to 2000 AD, 30+ years and still going strong!

Cover by Cliff Robinson and Dylan Teague

The latest Megazine hit shops and digital on 21st July – featuring more Dredd, more Diamond Dogs, more Returners, and more of the quite brilliant Devlin Waugh. And joining the line up this month, we have the start of Angelic: Restitution, with the return of the one known only as ‘Angel,’ making his home in the Cursed Earth.

Right then. Off we go…


JUDGE DREDD: PROJECT PROVIDENCE – PART 2 – Rory McConville, Staz Johnson, colours by Pippa Bowland, letters by Annie Parkhouse

The Teks have come up with a time travel project, under the lead of Judge Grant, with a specialised squad of Chrono-Agents already sent six months into the future, sending back the top-secret future tech from the Mega-Cities abroad, giving the struggling MC-1 the chance to get the drop in the high-stakes tech arms race.

But that was never going to go simply, and Sino-Cit have a deep cover agent in MC-1 right now, looking into Project Providence. All he really needs is an opportunity to move… and what do you know, you don’t get a bigger ‘look over there, don’t look over here moment’ than some punks calling themselves the Children of Chaos snatching former Chief Judge Dan Francisco with plans to put him on trial and execute him for the failings of Chaos Day. Can you say distraction?

Now this is McConville doing something bigger in scale than we’re perhaps used to, and it really is rather good, the slow build, the pieces shifting into place, a global scale… and still very little on the time-travel stuff. And of course, it’s all quite beautifully accompanied by Staz Johnson.

DIAMOND DOGS – BOOK 2 – PART 3 – James Peaty, Warren Pleece, letters by Simon Bowland

Brit-Cit, 2142 AD. Moving amongst the grime of the Brit-Cit streets ruled by the gangs, young Nia Jones is/was a Justice Department informer as well as running with the infamous Diamond Dogs. Now, her handler has given her one huge job, get into the security detail for the visit of DuPont, the big underboss in the Euro-Cit Crime Union. And this is personal as well, as that Euro-Cit boss just might be the man who killed here dad.

After one of those little quiet moments, a little Pulp Fiction even, Nia’s off to play in the big gangs.

But Nia, you need to be careful… the stakes are way higher than you’re used to here and there’s no way of knowing who to trust…

ANGELIC: RESTITUTION – PART 1 – Gordon Rennie, Lee Carter, letters by Annie Parkhouse

The Texas Radlands, 2077. ‘He emerged out of the desolate wastelands without a name or able to remember much of his past. Injured, clearly fleeing from individuals who want to do him harm, all he could do was mouth the word, ‘Angel’. Now, escaping his former life, Angel is making a home in the Cursed Earth with his adopted son Linc and strange mutant The Varmint.

Which is just what they’re all trying to do, make a home, stake a claim, just like so many others are doing out here.

So, when The Varmint goes missing, snatched by prospectors looking to use his skills, Angel’s out to look for him.

Great to see Lee Carter’s artwork back in the Meg, a lovely thin line, stylised, but still doing a fine job of capturing the wilderness of the Radlands.

THE RETURNERS – AMAZONIA – PART 3 – Si Spencer, Nicolo Assirelli, colours by Eva De La Cruz, letters by Jim Campbell

South-Am, 2142 AD. And now back to the Returners, those four disparate people from Ciudad Barranquilla, ex-Judge Mineiro, gangbanger Correira, academic Barrancourt, and transgender street-walker Chavez, are back to the home country…

It’s such a picturesque series, just as the previous two outings. Assirelli’s art just oozes sensual, organic shapes and movement. And yes, there’s still that annoyance of it being a strip where it’s style over content, with little going on in any one episode. But hey, let’s just settle in and love the artwork, enjoy lingering over Assirelli’s pages, and enjoy it for the stylish romp it is.

DEVLIN WAUGH: THE RECKONING – PART 3 – Ales Kot, Mike Dowling, letters by Simon Bowland

Devlin in hell, having a little chat with the Lord of Lies… who just wants a quarter of Devlin’s soul to get back his house, poor Titty, and that very attractive football team that Devlin kept around recently.

A trial, diabolical intent, the demonic stock exchange (oh, but aren’t they all?)… and so, so much more, with Ales Kot and Mike Dowling creating something that looks simply amazing here, so much in every chapter, yet the panels and the pages are given all of the space they need, with Dowling just blowing us away, again, and again, and again with the likes of this…

Now that is just so good, so damnably good. Maybe the artist sold his soul to the artistic demons? Or maybe he’s just damn good at what he does and getting better and better.

Where this one goes, I have no idea at all, but it’s a wild, wild ride thus far, the darkest of strips, but the highlight of the Megazine right now.

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